Webvelopment provides full service Application Development, Project Management and Search Engine Optimization services to small and medium sized businesses. Contact Michael to see how your business can benefit from our service.
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Full Service Web Development and Project Management

What can I do for you:


If you are CEO/CMO

I will be your right hand. I will assist you in seeing-over the whole process from the top, as well as assist you in validating or disqualifying any stagnant or developing ideas. Furthermore, I will offer the support you need to iterate your product, improve the messaging and build and optimize the funnel. I will be constantly asking the questions that nobody wants to hear, but most importantly – I will be an advocate of your users and customers and I will fight for them. My primary goal is to avoid your product from being ‘just good’ but “exceptional”. I’ll be focused on the tear 1 problem your product/service is resolving.

If you are digital agency

I will listen to your customer and their customers. I will apply the Human Centered Design approach, do the research, identify the needs of both sides and find the friction. I will then proceed to find the easiest, realistically applicable solution that will be focused in achieving the desired goals. The output of my work might be anywhere from a messaging kit, a set of iterations, wireframes, prototypes or just a set of instructions, or all the above. My output will be prepared for graphic designers, copywriters and/or programmers.

If you’re founder of a startup

I will be on the opposite side of the ping-pong table, I will be your hitting partner as we return ideas back and forth, pushing the quick iterations and keeping everything as thin and simple as possible. We’ll try to figure out the messaging and the funnel, we will work on 1% improvements for your MVP. I would not be an external consultant, I will be member of your team. I will dig deep. And we’ll be wrangling. A lot.


Rawporter protects, promotes and sells the photos and videos that everyday people post on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. We’ve seen how valuable eyewitness footage of breaking news can be, and we’re here to help protect that content and make it easier to find for media outlets that are eager to license it.

Zipity Click

Zipity Click provides immediate access to destinations world wide. Our rentals provide the comforts of home, fully equipped kitchens, helpful amenities and world class facilities.  Zipity Click also allows Rental Agencies and Owners to list their own unit availabilities in our inventory where we provide our world-class service.